IdeasFest Tourism

Our story

Top End IDEASFEST was born in 2017 out of a desire to connect entrepreneurs, businesses and the community in the spirit of collaboration and innovation in Darwin and surrounds, in the Northern Territory, Australia (the 'Top End').

Until then there was very little in the way of tangible community connectedness with regards to people’s new ideas, new technologies, market research, customer validation and new businesses forming as a result.

Although the Top End’s modern innovation eco-system is slowly emerging, the Top End IDEASFEST Crew seeks through events to spark its formation and contribute to its fruition, opening up opportunities.

A healthy startup community and eco-system gets ideas off the ground faster, with more chances of market success, and enables access to the latest technologies for the greater business community.

So why IdeasFest Tourism 2018?

Its inspired by Queensland’s 2017 Horizons initiative - “Horizons is a partnership to Develop Queensland into the world’s global hub for  innovation in travel and  tourism”. Have a quick look  and check out partners 

In the Territory we are several steps behind the Horizons scale of initiative. We don't have the innovation infrastructure support Queensland has offered sustainedly for years. We can't just launch directly into an accelerator model. And we are different. But as entrepreneurs we can start the journey with IdeasFest Tourism, and use Horizons as a road map.

Times are tough for tourism and hospitality in the Territory- so let’s open out to the ideas and business possibilities that are in our community. Passionate people, great communities, deep experience clever technology, and partnership opportunities. Ideas. Dream big when the going gets rough!

Unearth those unique innovative Territory ways to foster our tourism industry to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Just get going on the 28 April. Register.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an IDEASFEST?

An IDEASFEST is an event to bring together people with ideas, innovators, entrepreneurs, experienced businesses and the community to table ideas and problems,  developing them, quickly market or customer validate, outline go-to-market strategies, and pitch the end result to judges.

AKA innovation or startup weekends, or ideas hackathons. It could be a week, a weekend, a day or even a couple of hours. IdeasFest Tourism is a one-day challenge or hackathon format on Saturday, 28 April 2018.

Who’s it for - can anyone attend?

Yes! The more diverse the people, expertise, range of views, and ideas, the better!

Where is it being held?

Wirraway Business Centre, Darwin International Airport, 1 Henry Wrigley Drive, Darwin International Airport, NT 0820.

When is it? and Schedule

IdeasFest Tourism opens at 8am for registrations and concludes at 8pm, on Saturday, 28th April 2018. View the schedule here.

0800 Arrive and check in  with breakfast

0825 Welcome and Introductions

0830 Let’s start! - Insights into tourism

0930 IDEAS voted on and chosen

1000 Teams formation around the chosen ideas  - Team briefing on methods and mentors

1100 Teams begin work on their ideas   with Morning tea

1100- 1400 Expert mentors to help teams one-on-one

1200 Lunch on the go!

1300 Team check in, status reports and calls for help  !

1500 Afternoon tea

1600 Bringing  it all together–  teams preparing for pitches - Presentation Prep & Tech Check

1800 Judging panels briefed

1830 Tools down and dinner break


1930 Judges decide and ITS A WRAP !  - Next steps

2000 Close - Share beverages and stories

What do I need to bring?

As a participant you will benefit from bringing a laptop and power supply (Wifi internet provided) for your market research and building pitch slides. This is not required however - you can do it all with pens, pencils and paper if you wish. Food and drinks will be available.

Do I need an idea to participate?

No. Come along, share in the excitement, choose an idea to work on with a team or a problem to solve.

What will I get from the IDEASFEST?

Wisdom! If you have ever wondered how to take an idea to the next step, this is it. A fun, furious and exciting team based format to quickly iterate, develop, test and pitch an idea in the hope to become a viable innovation. Who knows, it could lead to a successful new business! You will also meet some of the Top End's amazing community of entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. 

Can I start a business/pitch for investment at IDEAS FEST?

No. IdeasFest Tourism is for teams of individuals to work on an idea or a problem, mapping a feasible potentially business-ready solution or innovation, but not to start the actual business on the day / weekend. If a pitch is sufficiently detailed and the enthusiasm is there to take it further, we'll talk about it afterwards.

Do I need a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for my attendance or idea?

No. All ideas are publicly available to encourage openness and collaboration. This is an important feature of startup eco-system culture which encourages sharing and deal-benefiting to all.  Again, if  the resulting team innovation and enthusiasm is there to take it further, we'll talk about it afterwards.

How much does it cost?

To join in the day costs $30 (+ $2.47 booking fee). Full day parking of $10,00 will be organised for you at the event when you bring in your parking chit. Buy your Ideasfest Tourism Tickets  here.

How do I obtain more information?

Email or phone us! See the details at the footer of this page.